Our prices will always surpass the "OTHER GUYS"and they can't stand it!

We like to think of THEM as our "ghost competitors".

They don't stand a chance when it comes to our techniques, service and pricing! We believe these key ingredients go hand in hand, not some separate entity.
It is a no brainer that bodyshops have been charging a fortune for years on auto repairs and most of it is shear profit! But truth be told, they get to do it over and over again! Why, because in reailty most people really don't know cost when it comes to these kinds of repairs and so they keep paying it time and time again!
And then, not to mention the lack of quality you get for your price! You get talked into replacing a bumper which is way more expensive than actaully fixing your existing one! Not to the bodyshop, but to the consumer it is!
You will never find this kind of thing going on at ScratchBusters! Why, simple. We don't believe in doing that to people who work way too hard for their money! Why? Because we work way too hard for ours as well and we don't want anyone being ripped off when it comes to quality work.
Our prices will always surpass the bodyshops and they can't stand it!
Body Shops have long since wondered just how we do it? How in the world do we do such exceptional quality work , all the while, keeping our prices far below their prices?
Simple! We do tons of research to get the best prices for our supplies and keep our overhead way down by being super cost efficient.
We also know what it cost to actually repair each and every part of a vehicle and also know what the body shops are making in mere profit is just astounding!
We refuse to do that to our customers! We simply will charge each and every customer a very fair rate while remaining lower than the body shops!!
We also get the job done fast! Bodyshops can take days and even weeks to get the job done and this certainly is not good for business!
Bodyshops will even turn away work that they know is simply not cost effective for them to repair (because it can be done but the profit is not there for them to do it)
We will do what they say "No" to!
We know how valuable time is for consumers and we want to make them happy quickly!
And being in this business for as long as we have, we can say we are experts in the field, not only in auto repair but also, in customer satisfaction!
We do appreciate the opportunity to serve you!
Call us today for a quick no hassles appointment and let us prove to you the quality of our work that makes our repeat dealers and customers so loyal to us!